Electric, natural gas, water, solid waste — all billed by different vendors, with varying rates, tariffs and tiers, regulated and non-regulated and on and on.

Utilities are often considered to be an uncontrollable recurring expense — just part of the cost of doing business.

If this is how your company views the utility bills received each day, then it’s likely you’re overlooking billing errors. It’s almost certain that you’re missing out on savings opportunities.

You know controlling utility costs is increasingly more important in any effort to tighten your budget — yet the process is becoming more and more cumbersome. How can you make sense of it all?

Profile Energy will structure a utility bill management process, start to finish, that will meet your company’s unique requirements. Our experts thoroughly evaluate your energy data upon invoice receipt. Then, every utility bill is submitted to a database, where additional audits and verifications are performed. You get convenient 24/7 online access to your data for further review and reporting.

Profile Energy has the resources, personnel and proven procedures in place, ready to manage all of your energy needs. Consider the benefits our program delivers:


  • Reduced late-payment exposure
  • No in-house data-entry expense
  • Track late or missing invoices
  • Consolidated utility payments



  • Resolve billing disputes
  • Optimize rate schedules
  • Coordinate account and meter changes



  • Measure and evaluate energy efficiency projects
  • Identify failed control systems
  • Provide documentation for internal and external audits